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Email blasts. Landing pages. Marketing campaigns. Headlines. Bylines. Bios.

Research. Interviews.


Never stop learning...or laughing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, praise, creative ridicule or irreverence.


We should never stop learning...or laughing,



Thanks for stopping by. What can I tell you?

Currently, I'm copywriting for a national mint - a place that presses metal into coins and other fun things, not a curiously strong breath freshener company. Aboard this ship, I churn research into engaging product descriptions for online merchandise, which includes military, law enforcement, and fire department challenge coins; minted novelty items; national and private awards; and academic regalia. I also conjure up concepts and copy for industry-related news articles, blogs, social media ads and posts, email blast campaigns, and other marketing materials.


In my previous position with the dental marketing company, Legwork PRM, I breathed levity into the dental industry by writing patient-digestible copy for dental websites, monthly promotional campaigns, eBooks, landing pages, marketing-themed blogs, and other mundane-to-merry materials.


I recently finished first-round edits of my book - Gluten-free Guide for Beginners - for For Beginners Publishing. It's a light and conversational, yet informative, book for those just beginning a gluten-free pilgrimage. It's not War and Peace, but better to start small, right? I also have ad copy experience with my eight years as a graphic designer at Anheuser-Busch. I designed, printed, and wrote ad copy for marketing and point-of-sale materials at their local distributor.


I began my writing career as a graphic designer, but painting a thousand words with a picture wasn't enough - I wanted to write those words instead. So, here I am sewing headlines that intrigue and content that satisfies. As a writing chameleon, I shade my copy to reflect the goal of the piece and the eyes of its audience. Whether the words need to dance with humor or seriousness, irreverence or compassion, if they need to be objective or opinionated, I can write it. I can twirl a phrase on its toes, and sculpt a unique perspective that resonates with the reader.


For a full review of my professional writing experience, click the resume link. My writing samples can be found on the home page.





Your Mouth Know No Bounds.JPG

"Do you look at cosmetic dentistry like some people look at home renovations: unnecessary at the least, time-consuming, costly, and extravagant at the most? Well, have you ever driven past and old, rundown house and thought, if they had just done a few small little enhancements over the years..."

"Think of your smile as a luxury car – it’s quality built, it runs like perfection, it’s oh-so comfortable…it’s worth showing off. Yet, if it’s dirty, lacking luster, it looks just like any other car on the road. No one's impressed. But give that car a thorough washing and waxing!"

Medallic Art Article_ Panama Expansion P

"Originally completed in 1914, the Panama Cantal rocked the shipping industry by saving time, vessels, and lives from the perilous trek
around South America’s Cape Horn." 

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