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TIP SHEET-CASE STUDY            Engineering/R&D

One Sheet Engineering.JPG

I wrote the content for this series of industry-specific case study-tip sheet hybrids. Page one contained three abbreviated case studies, page two held an outline of the tax credit parameters. To write each case study, I first reviewed a lengthy client project overview. From that, I produced a one-paragraph summary of the project challenge and outcome.

TIP SHEET            Construction/Cost Segregation

One Sheet Cost Seg.JPG

This was part of a series of tax credit tip sheets requested by the sales department. Each contained an abbreviated overview of the specific tax credit, plus four examples of client tax credit savings through CTI. 

INFOGRAPHIC                  HIPAA Compliance SaaS

10 Reasons Your Customers Need HIPPA Com

The sales team wanted an infographic to use as sales aid when making pitching for the company's HIPAA compliance software. I researched statistics and designed the entire piece from copy to graphics.

Future-Proofing Your

Healthcare Organization

INFOGRAPHIC        Healthcare Bus. Continuity Mgt

Infographic_Furture-proofing Healthcare

For the infographic, I researched frequent risks  in the healthcare industry as they relate to business continuity and patient care. I also collaborated with the designer for content aesthetics.

INFOGRAPHIC      Supply Chain Bus. Continuity M.

Infographic_Keep Your Supply Chain Flowi

After I researched healthcare supply chains and their risk factors, I collaborated with the designer on visual elements and theme before writing the copy and title.

INFOGRAPHIC                  HIPAA Compliance SaaS


I condensed a whitepaper into a two-page tip for to use as another gated asset and sales aid.

I also designed the layout and graphics as well as revised and edited the original copy.

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