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from the Heart, Not a Prompt

I've authored blogs for a motely crew of industries and topics.

My specialty has always being weaving stories and dosing dry topics
with a bit of levity and lif

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Industry: Cybersecurity  

CompliancePro Solutions (subsid of Genzeon)

Is Your Healthcare Prepared for Ransomware’s Evolving Threats.png

"A facless attacker infiltrates a company's computer network ... encrypts its data ... and sunddenly ... 'access denied.' No one can retrieve business files until the ransom is paid. If the criminal chooses to release it. This is a ransomware attack."

Industry: Cybersecurity  

CompliancePro Solutions (subsid of Genzeon)

Prepare Your Employees Before the Wave of Holiday P_edited.jpg

"One of your employees checks his email quickly before leaving early to gift shop. An invitation for a holiday office party catches his eye. He fails to notice a few typos and the sender's unfamiliar email domain. He clicks the link. He enters his company login. He's just given a criminal access to your network."

Industry: Cybersecurity 

CompliancePro Solutions (subsid of Genzeon)

BLOG_Why Concerns Over Generative AI Security Risks Are Real -

But it’s not without its faults and concerns. As with most new technology that surfaces quickly, regulations, ethical parameters, and security controls are lagging far behind. However, ChatGPT and other AIs like it are taking us into a new, somewhat uncertain, and potentially irreversible dimension of risk."

Industry: Life Sciences 

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)

Texas Spurs Its Economy with Life Scienc

"Since the southwest state joined the Union in 1845, it has saddled up a reputation as a tough, down-home, agriculturally focused land, that brims with wide-open spaces, country music, and…all your exes."


Accounting Today nominated blog as
"Opening of the Week"

Industry: Communications  Tax


"Peanut butter on pickles. French fries dipped in milkshakes. Ranch dressing on pizza. Culinary adventurers have dared to couple foods that traditionally have no business touching each other, let alone entering your mouth at the same time...Similar ingenuities have started to propagate in the business world."

Industry: Cybersecurity

Assurance Software

Assurance_ Who are the Cyber Criminals.JPG

" But who’s actually doing the hacking? Do you envision a lone villain, cloaked in a dark hoodie and malicious intent, drumming his fingers over a dimly lit keyboard in a damp basement? Or is it the ponytail-wearing, triple-espresso gal slumped in front of her laptop next to you at the coffee shop?."

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 Industry: Electrical

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)

Electrical Firm Scores Big with R&D Tax

“This little story tackles stereotypes and hands off just one of many examples of innovation born from seemingly unlikely places.

Industry: Retail Sales Tax



" I’m a pizza purist. Dough, red sauce, cheese, green peppers, onions, maybe some pepperoni if I need some protein. I don’t want pineapple on my pizza. Fruit does not belong on pizza. Hawaii and Italy lie thousands of miles apart…and so should pineapple and pizza."

Industry: Senior Care 

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)


"As Baby Boomers stroll away from five-and-dimes to Amazon Prime, from Ozzie & Harriet to Modern Family, payphones to smartphones, typewriters to tablets…and from their homes to assisted living, senior care facilities must prepare for the adaptability twists that these residents will bring with them."

Industry: Garbage/Food Manufacturing

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)


"But here’s where it becomes a big deal – or rather a big, serious pileup. Our collective ‘trash bins’ are overflowing. Our garbage landfills grow higher and higher and higher…and there’s no other place to take it."

Industry: Veterans and Tax Incentives

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)


"The many vets who have risked their lives to preserve our freedoms shouldn't have to fight financial and employment battles when they return from war. For their sacrifice, they deserve all the aid we can discharge to help them succeed on the home front."

Industry: Hemp Farming

Corporate Tax Incentives  (CTI)

R&D Tax Credits Can Help Farmers Harvest

"Marijuana contains brain-affecting levels of THC starting at a minimum of 5 percent; hemp holds a benign maximum of 0.3 percent1 – for comparison, the FDA allows 3 percent of your canned fruit to be “wormy.”

Industry: Coin Minting

Northwest Territorial Mint

"Medallic Art Company is honored to deliver its expertise to an organization with such a long history and esteemed reputation as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Over the years. we've minted nine different awards for SMPTE..."

Industry: Tech/Food & Bev

Corporate Tax Incentives (CTI)

Tech Investors Are Gobbling Up Food Star

" I’m a pizza purist. Dough, red sauce, cheese, green peppers, onions, maybe some pepperoni if I need some protein. I don’t want pineapple on my pizza. Fruit does not belong on pizza. Hawaii and Italy lie thousands of miles apart…and so should pineapple and pizza."

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