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My team and I constructed a completely new website for the company during our reign.

I wrote raw copy for 17 pages and edited the entire site before launch:

Careers page

Getting Started with Tax Incentives

Industry Pages - Engineering

Industry Pages - Wineries
Types of Incentive - Cost Segregation

Family Tree Dentistry - Dr Joseph Barker

Working with parameters given by Dr. Baker, I created content for several site sections:

Home/Welcome page

• All eight Services pages

Meet the Team page (Each staff wrote their own bio, which I then edited for clarity and grammar.

The company's website warranted a major overhaul. I won the battle for new home page content and delivered a fresh tagline and revamped the content. However, I bore no control over graphics and text treatment.


I continued to push for an entire revision of the website, but that never came to fruition due bankruptcy and business closure.

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