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Whitepapers & eBooks
from the Heart, Not a Prompt

I've written whitepapers and eBooks for a variety of industries and topics.

My specialty has always being weaving stories and dosing dry topics with a bit of levity and life.

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Whitepaper: Cybersecurity Resiliency 

CompliancePro (subsidiary Genzeon) 

Whitepaper_Get Smart ABout Cybersecurity.jpg

In this whitepaper I discussed the benefits of "smart" security versus costly security. Organizations don't have to spend a lot of money on security if they use what they have, wisely. 

Whitepaper: Intelligent Automation for Healthcare


I researched the top beneficial uses for intelligent automation in the healthcare industry and outlined guidelines for susseccesful IA implantation for covered entities.

eBook: Cybersecurity Return on Investment

Assurance Software

ASS_TIP SHEET_Cyber Security Revenue.JPG

I researched the long-term savings potential that result from investing in more robust cyber security, incorporating many persuasive data breach statistics.

WOTC WHitepaper.JPG

I created the outline and content for this whitepaper that delivers a succinct and  digestible overview of the WOTC tax credit. I collaborated with the graphic designer for copy alterations as needed for design.

R&D WP Cover.JPG

To provide a simple and concise overview

of the research and development tax credit, I broke down the basics of the complex

incentive. I collaborated with the designer for copy alterations as needed for design.

As part of a monthly campaign, I authored this eBook to draw awareness to the power of a brilliant smile and, thus the power of teeth cosmetic dentistry.

Legwork PRM

I wrote this eBook that trumpeted the benefits of dentist-administered teeth whitening as part of a monthly marketing campaign. Also wrote the accompanying landing pages and email blasts for these campaigns.

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