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Video & Presentation Scripts
from the Heart, Not a Prompt
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NWTM produced a medal that celebrated the bicentennial of the Merikins - 525 newly freed slaves who settled in Trinidad and Tobago in 1816. I wrote the copy for this video that highlighted the medal's production. The video was shown at the Merikin Gala Dinner and Award Recognition Ceremony.

Merikin Medal of Merit 

Presentation Video
Merikin Award Ceremony
NW Territorial Mint

Simpleshow produces explainer videos. They wanted to create a video to promote World Storytelling Day with a tie-in to their company. I authored the script, created the storyboard, including selecting and requesting images for the video.

The SMEs at Rapidfire Tools often wrote their webinars and I was often called in to edit for clarity, flow, and grammar. I also tightened up some design elements.

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