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Mistakes happen. It's correcting before anyone sees is most important.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in my editing services. I've been editing copy for than 20 years. The first ten of those years was as an ad copywriter and graphic designer for Anheuser-Busch, the last ten have been as a professional writer.

Is Editing Really That Important?

Mistakes suggest that you're unprofessional and lack attention (or care) to detail. 

And editing your own stuff is bloody hard. 

What About Spellcheck, Grammarly, or AI?
Spellcheck only catches spelling errors. If you use use the wrong, but spelled correctly, spellcheck won't catch it.


EXAMPLE: I had for doughnuts for breakfast. <---- Spellcheck won't catch that.

Grammarly is great for many things, but it won't catch important but less obvious bugger ups, such as confusing content, poor wording, or, uh, less than interesting prose. A human is really the only way to insure that your content is powerful and appealing, even if it's just a short piece.

A Little Bit More About My Editing Experience

I've tackled confusing "word salads" written by subject matter experts and churned them into digestible, engaging blogs and whitepapers. I've breathed life and levity into staff bios and technical jargon. I've proofed and edited web content, social copy, landing pages, —you name it and I've probably edited it at some point.

Currently, I don't have original raw drafts of edited pieces that I can show for comparison—mostly proprietary issues. The comparison process would be quite tedious, anyway.

I'm happy to walk through my process and explain some of the projects I've tackled---and I'm always willing to do an editing "demo."

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