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Tech Investors Are Gobbling Up Food Star

"As Baby Boomers stroll away from five-and-dimes to Amazon Prime, from Ozzie & Harriet to Modern Family, payphones to smartphones, typewriters to tablets…and from their homes to assisted living, senior care facilities must prepare for the adaptability twists that these residents will bring with them."

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"We cultivate our connectivity
Though we live far apart, we work closely together. Our CTI family spans the nation: Cali to Colorado, PA to WA, and Texas is too big to forget. We care more about who you are than where you are. With video chat, email, and mobiles, we stay connected."  ~ Web Page

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"Her ladders no longer clang with intentioned feet, and her bulkheads no longer resound with barked orders, but the USS McClusky's memories thrive through this remarkable challenge coin." ~ Product Description

Angie Longacre Product Description
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"Our latest blog post has arrived. Check it out to learn some pearls of wisdom about your pearly whites:

How Whitening Can Go Wrong
Teeth whitening products populate store shelves like twinkling stars on a clear night. But there's a dark side to self-whitening..." ~ Email

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"Today on this date back in 1904
was born Geisal, first name Theodor
Ingeniously he wove poems, stories, and books
tales to make us laugh, snortle, and kackly-wook

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"If  your eyes are the window to your soul, then your smiles is the door.


This guide was developed to help yo understand how your oral health affects your overall health.~ Landing Page

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"Nearly tripping over its own inventions, the tech industry is innovating faster than it can be regulated. Each new gadget, software, process, or discovery seems to expedite the creation of another..." ~ Whitepaper

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"Commonly, areas of spending that don't directly or immediately affect productivity or profit get sentenced to the budget chopping block. And decision-makers often implicate cyber security in that lineup." ~ Tip Sheet

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"CTI's process not only provided a transparent, well-coordinated workflow for Amtec, but also a seamless experience for the the candidates." ~ Case Study

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“Dear knight of Intel, I too am of the land of Intel, but when I was young I had been secreted away to train with The Great Knight Pentium, preparing for battles, to serve alongside knights just as thyself. Ye may call me Eyefive. If we fight together, we shall have more to share, more power than if we fight alone. I promise ye.”

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Dueling Processors